Hey everyone! We just implemented a new bot called <@!748046134378889267>, and it'll help alot of the people who struggled with the initial entrance command access the server! We've taken everyone's <@&702372853382643732> ranks, so we can ensure that everyone gets their names correctly! We'll be temporarily allowing access for all who haven't done the command, but we will restrict access by 10/25/20! So do the commnd by then! Just head on over to the <#721846016663617598> and type in +nickname Name. Ex. + nickname Mark Then just follow the directions! React to the next line with your country's flag, and then type in the State/Area according to the table that pops up afterwards! There will be a few more reminders, and even a detailed video coming soon. Thank you everyone for your cooperation! ** **

Hey everyone. Just a warning for everyone. We have recieved news that a certain individual from our server (alexander shaw#3037) has been scamming people in the dms. If he has messaged you about cryptocurrencies, or asked you to invest money into anything, **please do not**. NovaCrypt has no tolerance for scammers, and we will be banning anyone who does so immediately. We want this to be a safe space, and we'll be banning and reporting him immediately. If you ever encounter a similar issue or dm advertising, please let <@&702351302637781085> know, and provide scrnshts. Or you can utilize the ?report @name enter the offence here to automatically ping the admins with the issue. Thank you!

Hey everyone! We're finally officially announcing that we have acquired Ortexo (NPOCore, W3Hacks etc) as our newest subsidiary! We're glad that they're here to join us, and we're all excited to see what we can do together! Check out their websites: ** **

How's everyone doing? Our Current Projects in more detail: Want to Join or Start a Project? Want to Join or Start a Chapter? Working on the Welcome Packet for all the newcomers! Going to be setting up teams and organizing the projects. We're hoping to start getting more numbers of people into the server to join more projects. Currently we sit around 250 on the main server, and plan on reaching approximately 500 by the end of this week (if possible).

Hello everyone! Check out our announcements page, which will record all @ everyone and send it to our main webpage

NASA + SpaceX -> Crew Dragon Launch for the International Space Station 4:33 EDT live! (If its a GO ?? )

Hello! This is our announcement page and we we'll be announcing things like server maintenance, a new project opening, additional changes, and various other things like video calls and such! We will also announce new projects and updates on our work! Here you can learn about our current events, and what the team is planning!